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Welcome to Realms of Warcraft. Here is a list of currently running realms, and a brief description

Lithordean - 3.3.5a - Fun Server.

What Lithordean has to offer:

  • * 8X XP - As well as 10x honor/arena and 4 Professions!.

  • * NPC Bots - To help new players level faster.

  • * All Race/Class - Any combination you can imagine.

  • * Helper NPC's - Everything from Beastmaster and BountyHunter, to Level NPC and professions.

  • * Starting Guilds - Never feel alone. You start in a guild that is always helpful and generous.

  • * Account Mounts - Every character of the same faction gets the same mounts automatically as your first character.

  • * Playing Rewards - Play longer and get free stuff!

  • * Double XP Weekend - From Friday until Sunday, XP for kill quest and explore doubled!

  • * Events - Many events going on all the time.

  • Post all questions, comments, or support issues related any realm here, and remember to select the proper realm. Also, please provide character name, but never account name in posts. This will keep attempted hacking to a minimum.

    Posted by LordPsyan    October 01, 2011 

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